Wait a few seconds for data to populate, then you can see the latest weather measurements

What data is the weather station collecting?

  • Air Temperature (C)
  • Relative Humidity (%)
  • Barometric Pressure (hPa)
  • Wind Speed (mph)
  • Wind Direction (Degree)
  • Dew Point (C)
  • Annual Rainfall (in)
  • Solar Radiation (w/m^2)
  • Snow Depth (in)
  • SWE- Snow Water Equivalent (in)​

​On October 5, 2021 the Natural Resources Department installed a new weather station on the Summit Lake Paiute Reservation!

How to access Weather Station Data:

Weather Data is available to Tribal Members! 

Click Below - Instructions for viewing data are below

 Administration Toll Free: (800) 335-7978

          Phone: (775) 827-9670

Fax: (775) 827-9678

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Next, type "LMC Weather Station" in search Box

Then, click the "Get Data" Button

Method 1:

Click the "Station Query" button

The data is now visible on screen

Useful Links:

Temperature Conversion 

     Celsius to Fahrenheit  (C to F)

   Formula:​ (0°C × 9/5) + 32 = 32°F

Barometric Pressure

     hPa to inches of Mercury

​Weather Forecast


Wind Forecast


National Weather Service Radar


Summit Lake SNOTEL Station

​     nrcs.usda.gov

Data can be accessed in two ways:

​        1. Station Query (most data)

​        2. Dashboard (quickest)

Method 2:

Hover over the "Dashboard" button, Then click "Weather"

*This data is experimental and may be inaccurate*

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