The Administration Office of the Summit Lake Paiute Tribe

located at 2255 Green Vista Dr. Ste. 402 in Sparks, Nevada 89431-7599

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 

8:00am-12pm & 1:00pm-5:00pm - Closed Holidays


To report petroleum (oil, diesel, gasoline), chemical (including radiator fluid), radiological, biological and or etiological discharges and or spills on the Summit Lake Reservation contact the Summit Lake Tribal Office at 800-335-7978. Be prepared to give the time, date, substance, and location of the spill or other incident, and the estimated amount spilled (for example, one cup, one quart, five gallons, etc.). It is critical, in sustaining all the resources of the Reservation including the Lake, Lahontan cutthroat trout, sage grouse, deer, antelope, etc., that all spills and or discharges be reported as quickly as possible.

To report fires and other emergencies call Bureau of Indian Affairs Police (Humboldt County Sheriff Dispatch) at 1-877-909-9599 24 hours (or 775-623-6429), Bureau of Land Management Fire at 1-800- 535-6076 24 hours (or 775-623-3444)

To report medical emergencies contact the care flight service of St. Charles Medical Center, Bend, Oregon, call 1-800-621-5433 (24 hours). You will need the GPS location for the helicopter.

POWER OUTAGES at Summit Lake can be reported to HARNEY ELECTRIC at (541) 589-4566.


Tribal employees work in the field on the Reservation not out of an office, and tribal members living on the Reservation do not have home phones!

PLEASE, be prepared when you travel to the area of the Reservation. Know who to call, and where you must go for your cell phone or satellite phone to work (which mountain top, etc.).


Reporting Incidents​

Partner Links
Bureau of Indian Affairs Police – Dial 911 in an emergency; the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department will dispatch BIA Police to the Summit Lake Indian Reservation.

EPA's American Indian Tribal Portal
Click here for basic information on EPA's tribal programs, grants and funding, federal environmental laws and regulations, and much more from the EPA's American Indian Environmental Office.

Weather and Road Conditions

The roads to Summit Lake are often impassible in the winter.  Please be careful when traveling.   Make plans to tell someone where you will be and when you will return.  Cell service is not available at Summit Lake.   You will need a satellite phone to reach emergency services. There are no land phone lines at the Summit Lake Tribal Compound.        For additional information please contact us.

 Administration Toll Free: (800) 335-7978

          Phone: (775) 827-9670

Fax: (775) 827-9678