Administration Toll Free: (800) 335-7978

          Phone: (775) 827-9670

Fax: (775) 827-9678


Resolutions Enacted in 2018    

SL-01-2018  Governing 2018 Election Procedures
SL-02-2018 2011 Single Audit Settlement with the EPA

SL-03-2018 Revised Procedures Governing 2018 Council Election
​SL-04-2018 Approval of Drone Flight Over Reservation 

SL-05-2018 Disbarment of individual who served on Council from Aug. 17, 1996-1997 from engaging in business of the Summit Lake Paiute Tribe. 

SL-06-2018 Approval of Heavy Equipment Storage Building

SL-07-2018 Approval of Rental Assistance Program Policy and Applications

SL-08-2018 Approval of HUD Established Housing Quality Standard Policy

SL-09-2018 Approval of SLPT's Housing Program, Down Payment and Closing Costs Assistance Program Policy

SL-10-2018 Approval of SLPT's Housing Program, Rehabilitation Program Policy

SL-11-2018 Approval of Housing Manager Job Announcement

SL-12-2018 Approval of SLPT's Housing Program, Eligibility Admissions and Occupancy Policy and Procedures

SL-13-2018 Approval of BIA Noxious Weed Eradication Program Funding

SL-14-2018 Certification of 2018 Enrolled Tribal Members

SL-15-2018 Approval of Revised Official Enrollment Application


SL-17-2018 Request to Accept Funds from BIA for Road Maintenance Services from Fiscal Year 2018

SL-18-2018 Request to Accept Funds from BIA for 2018 Endangered Species Project Funding

SL-19-2018 Resolution to accept the estimated bid from Culligan Water for improvement of water quality

SL-20-2018 Approval of Contractor for Concrete Services

SL-21-2018 Approval of Vendor for Roofing Materials

SL-22-2018 Approval of Enrollment Position Description

SL-23-2018 Re-Contract with BIA for CTGP FY2019

SL-24-2018 Re-Contract CTGP Indirect Contract Support FY2019

SL-25-2018 Re-Contract with BIA for Higher Education Program FY2019

SL-26-2018 Approval of Installation of Heavy Equipment Storage Building

SL-27-2018 Approval of Sub-Award Agreement with Great Basin Land & Water for Staff Support

SL-28-2018 Approval of Revisions to Rental Assistance Program Policy and Applications

SL-29-2018 Approval of Self-Monitoring & Compliance Assessment Policy and Appendices

SL-30-2018 Approval of Revisions to Rehabilitation Program Policy and Appendix

SL-31-2018 Approval of Sub-Agreement with Great Basin Land & Water for Biological Assessment

SL-32-2018 The Amending of the SLPT's Sexual Harassment Policy

The Administration Office of the Summit Lake Paiute Tribe located in Sparks, Nevada

Hours of Operation are: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 5:00pm (except Holidays)

Resolutions Enacted in 2017    

SL-01-2017 BIA Contract Consolidated FY 2017
SL-02-2017 BIA Contract Higher Education FY 2017
SL-03-2017 BIA Contract Indirect Support FY 2017
SL-04-2017 MOU NV Dept. of Public Safety SORNA
SL-05-2017 Ramah Settlement Funds Distribution
SL-06-2017 Tribal Credit Card Policy
SL-07-2017 Approval Transportation Improvement Program
SL-08-2017 Revision of SLPT's Procurement Policy

SL-09-2017 Approval BIA Invasive Species Program

SL-10-2017 Approval of Quiet Title Action Allotment #507

SL-11-2017 Approval 2018 Tribal Wildlife Grant Aquatic Food

SL-12-2017 Re-contract BIA Consolidated FY 2108

SL-13-2017 Approval BIA Wildland Fire Management Plan

SL-14-2017 BIA Contract Indirect Costs FY 2018​ 

SL-15-2017 BIA Contract Higher Education FY 2018

SL-16-2017 Amendment to SLPT Procurement Policy

SL-17-2017 Approval of Amend. of Financial Mgmt. Manual

SL-18-2017 BIA Fisheries Mgmt. Services FY 2018

SL-19-2017 BIA Range Improvement Program FY 2018

SL-20-2017 BIA Roads Maintenance Services FY 2018

SL-21-2017 Request of BIA Funds for Road Maintenance 

SL-22-2017 Disenrollment- Thalia Dick

SL-23-2017 Disenrollment- Roberta Lavine Hernandez

SL-24-2017 Amendment of 2018 IHP/ Allocate IHBG Funds

SL-25-2017 Amend Settlement of Ramah Navajo Chapter

SL-26-2017 Second Payout of Ramah Settlement

SL-27-2017 BIA Noxious Weed Grant Proposal FY 2018

SL-28-2017 BIA Range/ Vegetation Inventory Proposal  FY 2018 

SL-29-2017 Governing the 2018 Tribal Council Elections

SL-30-2017 Governing the 2018 Council Election Procedures