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          Phone: (775) 827-9670

Fax: (775) 827-9678

The Administration Office of the Summit Lake Paiute Tribe located in Sparks, Nevada

Hours of Operation are: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 5:00pm (except Holidays)

Resolutions enacted in 2017    

   SL-01-2017 BIA Contract Consolidated FY 2017
   SL-02-2017 BIA Contract Higher Education FY 2017
   SL-03-2017 BIA Contract Indirect Support FY 2017
   SL-04-2017 MOU NV Dept. of Public Safety SORNA
   SL-05-2017 Ramah Settlement Funds Distribution
   SL-06-2017 Tribal Credit Card Policy
   SL-07-2017 Approval Transportation Improvement Program
   SL-08-2017 Revision of SLPT's Procurement Policy

   SL-09-2017  Approval BIA Invasive Species Program

  SL-10-2017  Approval of Quiet Title Action Allotment #507

   SL-11-2017  Approval 2018 Tribal Wildlife Grant Aquatic Food

   SL-12-2017   Re-contract BIA Consolidated FY 2108

   SL-13-2017  Approval BIA Wildland Fire Management Plan


Resolutions Enacted in 2016

SL-01-2016 H. Ed Scholarship for Celina Gonzalez, $1,616.00
SL-04-2016 Removal of Delgadina Gonzalez from Council
SL-05-2016 BIA Contract Endangered Species
SL-06-2016 New Enrollment Committee Members 3 yr term
SL-07-2016 Relinquish Enrollment - Marcella Jean Townsend
SL-08-2016 Relinquish Enrollment - Reggie Townsend Jr.
SL-09-2016 Approval Higher Ed. Scholarship for C. Gonzalez
SL-10-2016 BIA Contract Range Mgmt Purchase Tractor & Boom Mower
SL-12-2016 Disenrollment of Celina Gonzalez
SL-13-2016 Approval 2017 BIA Noxious Weed Grant Proposal
SL-14-2016 BIA Contract Fisheries FY 2017
SL-15-2016 BIA Contract Range Management FY 2017
SL-16-2016 BIA Contract Roads Maintenance FY 2017
SL-17-2016 BIA Contract S.L.I.R. Road Maintenance
SL-18-2016 Approval Water Quality Monitoring Funding


2016 Council Minutes:

  Regular Meeting January 16, 2016
  Regular Meeting February 20, 2016
  Regular Meeting March 19, 2016
  Regular Meeting April 16, 2016
  Regular Meeting May 21, 2016
  Regular Meeting June 18, 2016
  Regular Meeting July 16, 2016
  Regular Meeting August 20, 2016
  Special Meeting September 16, 2016
  Regular Meeting September 17, 2016
  Special Meeting September 22, 2016
  Regular Meeting October 15, 2016
  Special Meeting October 16, 2016
  Regular Meeting November 19, 2016
  Regular Meeting December 17, 2016


2017 Council Minutes:  CLICK TO VIEW